AT Austria danube moments
AT Austria austrian birdwatchers
AT Austria pelicans-danube delta reisen
AT Austria vogel-vogel
AT Austria austrian friends
AT Austria birding trip
AT Austria birds and pleasure
AT Austria happy people
AT Austria just a great visit
AU Australia they come from farway
AU Australia Susan and Allan-one of the best tourists-good souvenirs from them
AU Australia australian friends..
AU Australia pelicans for good people
BE Belgium Belgic student
BE Belgium oiseaux-oiseaux
BE Belgium Photo nature
BE Belgium Family travel
BE Belgium Pleasure to visit danube delta
BE Belgium Simplicity of tourism
CA Canada From Canada with love
CH Canada Birds,landscape
CH Canada Funny times
CH Canada Danube Delta paradise
CH Canada Sunny days
CH Canada Birds are the atraction
CH Canada Eco tourism
CN China People travel in the world
CN China Happy to be here
CN China Nice words
DE Germany Very good tourists the germans
DE Germany They was happy
DE Germany The story
DE Germany Kids in wilderness
DE Germany Mixt couple
DE Germany Vogel in Donau Delta
DE Germany Danube trips
DE Germany Relax in nature
DE Germany Time to dream
DE Germany Hy Roth
DE Germany Danke capitan
DE Germany Eisvogel
DE Germany Schwartzestorch
DE Germany What a great day
DE Germany Simply ..the best
DE Germany Traditional meals
DE Germany Pelikan
DE Germany Family tour
DE Germany Nature trip
DE Germany Nature lover
DE Germany Danube experience
DE Germany Bravo kapitan
DE Germany Trip in paradis
DE Germany Thanks people
DE Germany Eco reisen
DE Germany Danke friends
DE Germany Pelikan and other birds
DE Germany Long tour
DE Germany Roza pelikan
DE Germany Good capitan?
DE Germany Seeadler
DE Germany Nature trips
DE Germany People like birds
DE Germany Come back..
DE Germany Never forget the delta
DE Germany One day trip
DE Germany Sometime the life is beautifull
DE Germany Beautifull deutch girls
DE Germany Hello derk
DE Germany Photo nature
DE Germany Super tour
DE Germany Vogel for passionate tourists
DE Germany What a hollyday
DE Germany Tours for see,to be happy
DE Germany One of the best photographer from Europe
DK Denmark Great tourists from Denmark
DK Denmark Thanks Denmark
DK Denmark Ole, with friendly
DK Denmark Vogel for danish people
DK Denmark Danish people apreciate the food and landscapes
DK Denmark Good eco tours
DK Denmark Travelling in family
DK Denmark Friendly tourists
DK Denmark Guide was apreciate.that,s good..
DK Denmark Also,we love birds
EE Estonia Estonian people
ES Spain Spanish tourists
ES Spain Good times
ES Spain Danube Delta ,world heritage
ES Spain One day trip in danube delta
ES Spain 3 days trip in our fantastic landscape
ES Spain Aves per espanioles
ES Spain Salud
ES Spain Un salud dy Catalunia
FI Finland Finish people ..hello
FI Finland Terveisiä Danube Delta
FI Finland Rakastan Pelicans ja Tonavan suistossa
FI Finland Rakastan ruokaa ja Romanian Tonavan suisto
FI Finland Hyvin järjestetty retki Danube Delta
FI Finland Kiitos Michael matkaa
FR France Merci Mihai
FR France Merci Aude
FR France La passion de la nature
FR France Ils ont ete contents
FR France Superbe balade ensemble
FR France Oiseaux pour passione
FR France Superbe journe dans delta du danube
FR France Tourists francaises qui aime la delta
FR France Le posisson grilee,les oiseaux
FR France Pas de paroles
FR France Delta du Danube-un paradis
FR France Une groupe internationale
FR France delta du danube
FR France Aussi,la cuisine..
FR France Inedite moments dans delta du danube
FR France L,equipage sympatique
FR France Merci
FR France Merci aussi
FR France Superbe famille
FR France Eco tourism
FR France Oublier le temps
FR France Photo nature fr...
FR France l,artilerie lourde
FR France La nature pour touts
FR France Delta.Soleil et oiseaux
FR France Merci andre
FR France vous vous souviens?
FR France merci amis
FR France Merci Parque de Marquenterre
FR France Tradition. Oiseaux. Nature
FR France Tours dans Delta du Danube
FR France Une semaine dans Delta du Danube
FR France Tours avec Chettusia
FR France La superbe Delta du Danube
FR France Delta du Danube par Allain Seve
FR France Great feedback tour from Renee Overbosch from Holland
FR France L'interviu pour Dynamos Olidaire
FR France Super trip report by a good french birdwatcher - Cyril Senechall
FR France Trip report with Eco Chettusia by Fred Levez
FR France Voyagge dans Delta du Danube avec Chettusia tour
FR France Printemps au Delta du Danube
FR France Danube Delta avec Mihai Baciu
FR France Sejour dans delta
FR France delta du danube tour.
United Kingdom
GB United Kingdom Strong english birder
GB United Kingdom Great tour with english people
GB United Kingdom Nice birds in theDanube Delta
GB United Kingdom Wonderful trip
GB United Kingdom Birders from england
GB United Kingdom Romanian people like theDanube Delta
GB United Kingdom Funny funny group
GB United Kingdom Birds and nature
GB United Kingdom Traditional food good wine
GB United Kingdom Sure good food
GB United Kingdom Hehehe great draw
GB United Kingdom The beautiful delta
GB United Kingdom A best place for hollyday
GE Georgia By georgian girl
HR Croatia Hy for a croatian girl
HU Hungary Delta nagyon szép.
HU Hungary Azt akarom, hogy újra nagyon szép delta Mihai.a
HU Hungary Great tour with this family
IL Israel תודה מיכאל לנסיעה.
IL Israel דלתא היא יפה מאוד
IL Israel תודה מיכאל על ארגון טיול דלתא הדנובה
IL Israel Birds and Relax
IL Israel People come from Israel to see Danube Delta
IL Israel Family hollyday in Danube Delta
IL Israel Birding tour, great tourists
IL Israel Nature and relax
IL Israel Family tour in the Danube Delta
IL Israel Birding nature photos
IL Israel They like the Danube Delta
IL Israel Great photos - landscape incredible
IT Italy Bell giro con turisti italiani
IT Italy Pirati di delta del danubio
IT Italy Ucceli i natura
IT Italy Giro in famiglia, calmo, calmo. pelicani i degli altri ucceli
IT Italy Giro in barca
IT Italy Vacanzza in Delta..
IT Italy Ucceli, ucceli
IT Italy Una vacanzza con italiani
IT Italy Grandi ornitologi italiani
IT Italy Bravi italiani
IT Italy The Danube Delta trip report from Cuneo Birding
JP Japan Japanise bird watcher
LB Lebanon Lebanon tourist
LB Lebanon Oriental culture
LU Luxembourg Thank you Raymond
LU Luxembourg I'll remember this tour forever
LU Luxembourg A great couple in a great tour
LU Luxembourg Good nature lover
LU Luxembourg Ca c'est la passion pour delta du danube
NL Netherlands Friends from Holland
NL Netherlands Bezoek aan de mooie Donau Delta
NL Netherlands Bedankt Michael voor de reis in de Donau Delta
NL Netherlands Delta vogels hebben fascineerde me
NL Netherlands Dutch in the Danube Delta
NL Netherlands Thanks Teo for the snake photo
NL Netherlands 3 days trip
NL Netherlands Dutch photo nature
NL Netherlands Salutare Florin
NL Netherlands Just nature and passionate birders
NL Netherlands Nature tours
NL Netherlands Biesbosh group
NL Netherlands Delta liefde voor schoonheid
NL Netherlands Danube sunset
NL Netherlands Vogel in Danube Delta
NL Netherlands Pelicans and other birds
NO Norway Delta er så vakker
NO Norway Villmenn er utrolig vakker Danube Delta
New Zealand
NZ New Zealand Born in the same day
PL Poland Nice Danube Delta
PL Poland Polish birders
PL Poland Travel in family
PL Poland Birds and nature
PL Poland Nature trip
PL Poland Relax in nature
PL Poland Photo and birds
PL Poland Boat trip in Danube Delta
RO Romania Delta ca un vis
RO Romania Pelicani si ciorbita
RO Romania Turisti fericiti
RO Romania Excursie de o zi in Delta Dunarii
RO Romania Delta de neuitat
RO Romania Placerea deltei
RO Romania Luna de miere in Delta
RO Romania Mi-e dor de Ben
RO Romania Elogiu Deltei
RO Romania Mancare traditionala din Delta Dunarii
RO Romania Pasionati de Delta
RO Romania O minune e Delta
RO Romania Calatorie cu familia in Delta Dunarii
RO Romania Tur de delta
RO Romania Grupuri mici in Delta
RO Romania Maramureseni in Delta
RO Romania Pelicani si bors de peste
RO Romania Vis de copil
RO Romania Delta tuturor
RO Romania Vis de Delta
RO Romania Noi experiente in Delta Dunarii
RO Romania Multumiri pentru excursie
RO Romania Familie in excursie
RO Romania Excursie cu vaporasul
RO Romania Frumos
RO Romania Prieteni vechi si noi
RO Romania Excursie de o zi in Delta Dunarii cu vaporasul
RO Romania Bors de peste si o zi de neuitat.
SE Sweden Swedish group in the Danube delta
SE Sweden Beautiful Danube Delta trip with swedish persons
SE Sweden Birds and nature with swedish people
SE Sweden Nice couple interested in nature trip
SI Slovenia From Slovenia
SI Slovenia Danube Delta tour for slovenian friends
SK Slovakia Slovakian people in visit in Danube Delta
TN Tunisia Tunisian student in Danube Delta
TN Tunisia Tunisian girls visiting Danube Delta
TN Tunisia Tuniasian girls writing in romanian
TR Turkey Danube Delta trip with turkish people.
TR Turkey Proprietarii unui mare canal TV din tara noastra
United States
US United States Tour with american tourists
US United States Eco trips for real nature lovers
US United States I remember
US United States Birds - nature and a boat trip
US United States Peace and silence
US United States A great experience - great tour with special people
US United States Boat trip
US United States The Danube Delta is magic
US United States Friendly tour
US United States Autumn trip but very nice
US United States Trip report in the Danube Delta by BIRD-VENTURES USA