One day trip in the Danube Delta

We are organizing a new tour in the Danube Delta, on the route Tulcea - Mahmudia - Caraorman - Crisan - Mila 23 - Tulcea. Departure in the morning from Tulcea, the first part on the oldest branch of the Danube - Sfantu Gheorghe, to Mahmudia. Entrance on the Carasuhat canal, then on a beautiful canal, Litcov. Boat tour of Lake Cuibida, very beautiful, full of water lilies and often many pelicans. Fishing in Caraorman, before or after, walk in the forest of the same name, which means Black Forest in Turkish. At the table we serve the famous fish borscht or squeezer, fish plate or fried, garlic sauce. After a leisurely walk from Caraorman, where you can admire the village, very interesting for the way people live, we will go on the canal to Crisan, then on the chain of lakes Bogdaproste, Trei Iezere, Radacinos. One of the most beautiful areas in the Danube Delta, we will make this route slow, to disturb as little as possible the places we pass. Stop at Mile 23 to visit the village, then pause on the beautiful pontoon terrace in the village where you can have a good coffee or, if you feel like something refreshing ..... 
Return until sunset on Olguta canal and Sontea canal, Fortuna lake, the whole afternoon being reserved for dream landscapes, with sunset in the delta. The trip lasts about eight hours, which includes safari trips in the woods and traditional lunch. Safe conditions, the boat is authorized for tourism, news, medical equipment according to current conditions.

Contact us in advance for reservations at: tel 0744224897